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What is Education and Pedagogy?

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“Thus, the status of the teacher as a bearer and defender of spiritual and moral values, passed down from generation to generation, contributes to the reduction of corruption and, consequently, to the reduction of violence in society. But then how, despite the entire arsenal of these means, the state manages to keep teachers on such a note that they maintain their profession and do not deny themselves any benefits? The answer to this question is found in the definition of the teaching profession, which is interpreted as a special spiritual, moral and professional activity. The teacher, performing the same functions as in ordinary life, at work, but being constantly at school, reveals the depth of his knowledge, shielding him from the clich├ęs of everyday life, and at the same time maintaining the moral pillar of society. He organizes the moral values of society in the process of life, providing continuity of spiritual culture of education at school and in the family, its educational potential. At school, the teacher is endowed with tremendous power of creation, he lays the foundation for the development of the child’s personality. Therefore, every teacher carries the light and goodness, himself being a model of morality and ethics for his students. Free teachers from the pressures of the environment, depriving them of all kinds of pressure is possible only if you give up the means of influence, which violate the integrity of the personality of the teacher, sharply increasing aggression, leading to the destruction of relationships, and sometimes even kill people. As a consequence, there are great losses among teachers, reduced competence, and, consequently, the quality of teaching. Hence the public opinion of teachers grows, because through them the public gets its view of man. The teacher is the bearer not only of knowledge and culture, but also of mental forces that determine the character, personality and many characteristics of his pupil. Violation of this right threatens the loss of human ability to properly organize his life and communication, to form an inner world and moral attitude to the world around him. In this regard, there is a need to create conditions in which the teacher could realize their opportunities in terms of creative, moral and pedagogical activities. An effective method of solving this problem is to free the teacher from many kinds of pressure, which does not allow the teacher to realize their abilities and responsibility for themselves, to form a positive worldview in relation to children and adults, to form a worldview position. In this regard, the concept of education as education fundamental and target-oriented, focused on the further development of personality, which is in the modern conditions of uncertainty and instability of the world around.